Valley of 1000 Devils In Grasslands National Park

Image of the badlands in grasslands national park east block, saskatchewan, Canada

After our flight from Toronto to Regina, Bob and I drove directly to    Grasslands National Park    near the southern border of Saskatchewan.  We were determined to complete a hike in the East Block of this Park and opted to do the Valley of 1000 Devils Route before traveling further west to Val Marie on the edge of the Park’s West Block. Read more

The Eglinton River Valley abloom with Russell Lupins in New Zealand

russell lupins, eglinton river valley, fiordland national park, new zealand

While staying for a few days in Te Anau on the South Island, Bob and I made frequent trips into Fiordland National Park.  Panoramic views of the landscape were spectacular and in places made even more beautiful by broad swaths of Russell Lupins that grow in abundance there. Read more

Flamboyant Cacti at Mesa Verde National Park

photograph of Cactaceae cactus at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, U.S.A.

musk thistle, mesa verde national park, colorado, 2

From the Visitor Centre at the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, Bob and I ascended a sinuous and steep roadway to the Museum that is located near Spruce Tree House, one group of cliff dwellings open to the public.  When we pulled into the parking lot, my attention was immediately captured by the most outstanding examples of wildflowers, Musk Thistle (Carduus nutans), that were bobbing atop tall stalks next to one of the adobe outbuildings. Read more

Wildflowers on Ireland’s Inishmore Island

An image of pink colored Thrift growing on Inishmore Island in Ireland. Photography by Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean.

An image of Bloody Cranesbill Geranium growing on Inishmore Island in Ireland. Photography by Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean.

Our first morning on Inishmore Island, Bob and I set off on foot to explore the hills and wildflowers surrounding Kilmurvey House, our bed and breakfast accommodations, and made first for the historic fort, Dun Aonghasa.  What a pleasant surprise to find a good variety of wildflowers growing amongst the karst limestone, many of them in bloom such as this Bloody Cranesbill Geranium (Geranium sanguineum). Read more

Sunchokes growing wild at Lower Reesor Pond in Toronto

sunchokes growing at lower reesor pond - toronto 3

sunchokes, lower reesor pond, rouge national urban park, toronto

How beautiful is a sprawling drift of Sunchokes fading into the distance!  That is just what we found when Bob and I visited Lower Reesor Pond in northeast Toronto.  This native species of sunflower goes by many different names including Sunchokes, Sunroot or Earth Apple. Read more

Wild Coneflowers growing at Lower Reesor Pond

Wild Coneflowers growing at Lower Reesor Pond

coneflowers at lower reesor pond - toronto 7

Bob and I paid a visit one spring to the Lower Reesor Pond in north Toronto, Ontario, and had purposely allotted a large chunk of time in order that we might pay some well deserved attention to that special habitat.  Through reports provided by other visitors, we learned that some less common wildflowers and plants have gained foothold in the area surrounding the pond, and sure enough, we uncovered several groupings of Wild Coneflowers. Read more

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