Red Foxes Wintering In Snowy Algonquin Provincial Park

red fox in algonquin park - november 2014 pic 6

Late in the fall one year, Bob and I visited Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario, and with the early snowfall received in the area, the Park was totally transformed from even a couple of weeks before.  As we made our way around the Park in search of wildlife, we could not resist the temptation to revisit the home range of a couple of Red Foxes known to many people.  The resident Foxes were out and about and seemed all that much more beautiful given the white canvas that accentuated their rich red coat of winter fur. Read more

An Eastern Coyote hunting prey in a farm field in Ontario

An Eastern Coyote hunting prey in a farm field in Ontario

eastern coyote near saintfield, ontario pic 2

On a drive north of Whitby, Ontario, Bob happened to glance into a farm field adjacent to the highway where he spotted a Coyote (Canis latrans) sauntering along.  It is quite common to see Coyotes in and around rural farm properties in Ontario, as well as right in the heart of cities like Toronto, where they share our green spaces and waterways. Read more

Common Snapping Turtle hatchlings on the Nokiidaa Trail in Ontario

Common Snapping Turtle hatchlings on the Nokiidaa Trail in Ontario

4 baby snapping turtles - aurora - ontario 3

Early last fall, Bob and I wanted to introduce my sister and brother-in-law to a new trail system that we discovered earlier this year.  It is called the Nokiidaa Trail, which in Ojibwa means “walking together”.  The trail which links between the towns of Aurora, Newmarket, and East Gwillimbury is used by cyclists as well as walkers, and we were on wheels on this particular day.  Well into our ride, I spotted something round and dark on the crushed rock surface of the bicycle trail, and nearly ran over what turned out to be a baby Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina).  In the immediate vicinity, we discovered four others lingering on the path. Read more

Our Close Encounter with Red Foxes In Algonquin Provincial Park

photograph of a red fox in the fall in Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario, Canada.

red fox in algonquin park - fall of 2014 - pic 2

Earlier one fall, Bob and I set off for a three-day visit to Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario.  We were on a mission to find and photograph a Bull Moose.  Given the time of year, the odds were pretty good that we might come across one.  Instead, we were rewarded with the opportunity to observe and photograph not one, but two, Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes).  I was ecstatic! Read more

Eastern Gray Treefrog At The Atkinson Park Wetlands

Eastern Gray Treefrog At The Atkinson Park Wetlands

Eastern grey treefrog sitting on a plant leaf at Atkinson Park Wetlands, Aurora, Ontario

Along about mid-summer, Bob and I were interested in exploring some new wetlands that we had come to know about, and one of them was Atkinson Park Wetlands or McKenzie Marsh in Aurora.  It is located near St. John’s Sideroad and Yonge Street.  Bob and I were delighted to find a series of boardwalks that traversed a good-sized pond and wetland, and these conducted us to a paved trail adjacent to another smaller pond.  It is there that we came upon a Gray Treefrog (Hyla versicolor) sitting discreetly on a milkweed leaf. Read more

Red Lily beetles plague my Toronto Tiger Lilies

Red Lily beetles plague my Toronto Tiger Lilies

Red lily beetle in toronto garden 4

For the past several years, starting each spring and into the summer months,  I have been pestered by Red Lily Beetles (Lilioceris lilii) on my Tiger Lilies .  It is actually the beetles’ shiny, hard forewings that are red.  These pretty little beetles stand out quite well on green plants, but they are a trick to catch and squash.  I declare that I think they see me coming because, often, as I move in on their position, they drop to the earth below and essentially disappear in the shadows.  It doesn’t help that, this year, I spread red cedar chips in all my gardens, so imagine trying to find a red bug on that red surface. Read more

Gray Treefrogs At Lower Reesor Pond

Gray treefrog at Lower Reesor Pond in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

After a stretch of very rainy weather, Bob and I were desperate to get out in the field, and nothing pleases us more than to explore a new trail or go birdwatching in a habitat never before visited by ourselves.  Such was the case when we targeted Lower Reesor Pond, a wetland in northeast Toronto, in Ontario, in Rouge National Urban Park.  Our outing, as usual, was prolonged but immensely rewarding.  Amongst other birds and animals seen that day were several Eastern Gray Treefrogs. Read more

Black Bear Mom and Cubs Eat Blueberries In Algonquin Park

black bears eat blue berries - algonquin park - ontario 3

This past summer, Bob and I once again found ourselves in Algonquin Provincial Park here in central Ontario.  We had various objectives during our two-day visit to the area, and one of them was to pick wild blueberries.  Having heard that the crop was more plentiful than usual, we were eager to put ourselves to the task of harvesting a few.  It was quite a surprise to find that an American Black Bear and two cubs were sharing the blueberry patch with us. Read more

Scarlet Tanagers at Ashbridge’s Bay Park In Toronto

Scarlet Tanager, ashbridges bay park, toronto

After hearing about the scores of different bird species being seen at Ashbridge’s Bay Park in Toronto, Ontario one spring, Bob and I made it our mission to be up and out early one Sunday in mid-May in order to check out the lakeside park where hundreds of birds rest after crossing Lake Ontario.  It was not until lunchtime, however, that we unexpectedly came upon two Scarlet Tanagers adjacent to the park’s restaurant parking lot. Read more

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