Roseate Spoonbills In The Shrimp Ponds At San Blas

Roseate spoonbills take flight at the shrimp ponds in San Blas, Mexico

As Bob and I arranged our winter vacation in Mexico, we made a change to the plans that would allow time for birdwatching in San Blas on the Pacific Coast.  That decision had us discovering myriad species of birds in that coastal area including some Roseate Spoonbills at the local Shrimp Ponds one morning.  We were delighted! Read more

Rose-ringed Parakeets in Rome

An image of a Rose-ringed parakeet on a tree in Rome, Italy. Photography by Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean.

Our first destination in Italy was the capital city, Rome, where of course we spent several days touring all the ruins of the Old Quarter.  While exploring Palatine Hill, I heard an unusual bird song and then spotted a pair of Rose-ringed Parakeets winging through the sky before landing in the top of a very tall tree. We were delighted! Read more

Eastern Wolf Lurking In The Shadows

photography of an eastern wolf in Algonquin Park, in Ontario

Eastern wolf in Algonquin Park, in Ontario, Canada.

On any given trip into   Algonquin Provincial Park,   Bob and I are on the lookout for wildlife.  Who goes to the Park and doesn’t hope to see an animal in its natural habitat?  One of the purposes of the Park is to provide a safe natural habitat for all the creatures that live within its boundaries.  On this visit to the Park in early October, an Eastern Wolf gave Bob a rare opportunity to see and observe its movements. Read more

Baby Moose With Its Mother In Algonquin Park

photograph of a baby moose in Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario

baby moose looks towards camera, algonquin park, ontario

On a rainy, cool day in mid-June, Bob and I found ourselves at Oxtongue Lake ahead of schedule, so we decided to take a spin into Algonquin Provincial Park on the off chance that we might spot a bull Moose.  No bull presented itself at roadside, but this darling baby moose with its mother was on the crest of a knoll enjoying a respite from the hordes of blackflies deeper in the forest. Read more

Mink hunting fish along the rocky shoreline of Lake Ontario

photograph of a mink with a fish in its mouth along the Lake Ontario shoreline, Ontario

mink along the shore of lake ontario, in rouge national park, toronto, ontario, canada
After a spate of hot, humid weather, Bob and I seized the first day of below-seasonal temperatures to go cycling in Toronto.  While cruising along the Lake Ontario shoreline at the bottom of Rouge National Urban Park, we spotted a Mink loping along the rocky shore with a floppy fish dangling from its mouth. Read more

River Otter Enjoys A Spring Day

photograph of an otter on the ice, on a lake near Minden, Ontario, Canada.

otter on ice, minden, ontario

Bob and I had the opportunity to drive to the town of Haliburton one spring weekend.  With a set time required for our arrival, nothing much was going to get in our way of arriving on schedule.  As we drove along Highway 35, Bob drew my attention to a black blob on the ice of Cedar Lake, and I recognized it immediately as a River Otter. Read more

Pine Martens During The winter In Algonquin Park

Pine marten, Algonquin Provincial Park, ,Ontario

Pine Martens seem to be regular visitors to certain spots in   Algonquin Provincial Park  in Ontario at least during late winter.  Whether seen frequenting the bird-feeding station along the Spruce Bog Trail or those feeders set below the deck of the Visitor Centre, these small furry mammals delight observers, young and old. Read more

Cow Moose And Calf Ready For Winter In Algonquin

photograph of a moose cow and calf in the winter in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario.

calf and cow moose in algonquin park_ontario 6

When we drive through Algonquin Provincial Park or take the time to hike one of the many trails through the forest there, we never know what marvelous birds or animals may cross our paths.  Many times, it is only the superb scenery that is to be enjoyed, and the peace and solitude of the Park’s backwoods.  Other times, wildlife, such as this Cow Moose and Calf, will come right out to the highway corridor where it is far easier to browse than among the tangle of fallen trees in the dense forest. Read more

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