Cooper’s Hawk Takes On A Big Brown Bat

a cooper's hawk in a north Toronto park, ontario, canada

On what seemed a very ordinary winter day, Bob and I took a leisurely walk over to one of our local parks to escape the routine of familiar household chores.  Milliken Park in Toronto, Ontario, was almost deserted.  Though we scanned bushes and trees, not a single bird was seen until I noticed a solitary Cooper’s Hawk perched on a sunlit branch.  Seconds later, the hawk launched into the air and nabbed a Big Brown Bat that was flying by. Read more

Hundreds of Sandhill Cranes in Ontario.

sandhill cranes in flight over kawartha lakes in ontario, canada

On a bright, sunny Saturday in mid-October, Bob and I decided to make a trip to the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario.  A fellow birder had reported groups of Sandhill Cranes in that vicinity where corn fields had recently been harvested.  At first, we were afraid the drive would be all for naught, but in the end, we located close to 200 of these elegant birds. Read more

Red Fox On A Cold Winter’s Day In Algonquin Park

Image of a red fox sitting on the snow during a snowstorm in Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada. Photography by Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean

On a cold winter’s day that included passing snow squalls, Bob and I ventured into    Algonquin Provincial Park   in hopes of seeing a Spruce Grouse.  Instead, we found ourselves in the company of a Red Fox.  Looking picture perfect, this Red Fox almost seemed to pose for our cameras while fine snowflakes settled on its fur. Read more

Black Bear With Her Three Young Cubs at Carden Alvar

black bear mom standup at cameron alvar, ontario, 2

Bob and I have learned so much through different groups on Facebook, and one of the areas that was brought to our attention was the Carden Alvar here in Ontario.  Our second visit in mid-June was a bit late and too hot for much activity where migrating birds were concerned, but our list of sightings was still long and included this female Black Bear and her three cubs. Read more

Blanding’s Turtle At The Carden Alvar

blandings turtle, carden alvar, city of kawartha lakes, ontario, pic 15

Bob and I had been looking forward to getting up to the Carden Alvar in Ontario, Canada, for at least a couple of years.  I was filled with excitement at the prospect of seeing a number of early spring migrants and birds that favour the specialized habitat of the alvar plain, so it came as a pleasant surprise to also come across a rare Blanding’s Turtle. Read more

American Woodcock At The Carden Alvar

american woodcock, carden alvar, city of kawartha lakes

Our anticipation ran high the night before our first visit to the Carden Alvar that is located northeast of Toronto, Ontario.  We had our alarm set for 5:45 a.m. but I woke up at 5 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep.  We were on site by 8:30 a.m. and spent hours touring the area.  It was around mid-afternoon that we came across an American Woodcock, and the sighting pretty much made our day! Read more

Rock Squirrels at Grand Canyon National Park

rock squirrel on the south rim at grand canyon national park, arizona

Like in our own cities, conservation areas and parks here in Canada, squirrels are a common sight if not a nuisance at times, but we still love having them around.   The same can be said for the Rock Squirrels at    Grand Canyon National Park  .     The rodents are so plentiful and fun to see but still the Park’s staff warn visitors to be on the lookout for their bold behaviour! Read more

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