Mule Deer along the Grand Canyon South Rim Trail

mule deer, grand canyon national park

Bob and I had been at    Grand Canyon National Park    for a few days, and on top of exploring the phenomenal panoramic sights, we  had also been engrossed in the observation of a variety of bird species.  It was not until the morning of a guided Fossil Hike that we first came upon some Mule Deer.  People wanting to join the hike were to assemble on the canyon-side patio of Bright Angel Lodge, and there, just below the stone wall edging the pathway, a family of Mule Deer was having its breakfast. Read more

Tomato Hornworm Moths At Grand Canyon National Park

Tomato Hornworm Moth in flight to Moonflower - Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona

After a full day of activity at    Grand Canyon National Park,    Bob and I were returning late to our room at Maswik Lodge when a flicker of movement drew my eye towards the stunning night-blooming Moonflowers.  We were not the only ones attracted by the glowing white flowers.  Numerous Tomato Hornworm Moths, also known as Five-spotted Hawkmoths,  were circling for a landing. Read more

California Condors At Grand Canyon National Park

California Condor, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, U.S.A.

When Bob and I visited    Grand Canyon National Park  ,    our primary objective was to revel at the overwhelming and impressive scale of the canyon.  Little did we know that our passion for birdwatching would be so richly rewarded both on the South Rim and deep within the canyon, itself.  On one visit to Hopi Point, we were lucky enough to spot one of the two California Condors known to be nesting in a nearby rock face. Read more

Bobolink Whistles A Tune At Forks of the Credit in Ontario

Bobolink - looks forward atop green tree - forks of the credit provincial park - ontario

Bobolink - sings out - kettle trail - forks of the credit provincial park - ontario

On an outing to Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, Bob and I were winding down our day after having spent several hours on the beautiful trails there.  As we strode across Kettle Trail to regain the Trans Canada Trail and then the parking lot, an unfamiliar sound met our ears.  We soon spotted the source in a treetop not far away.  A bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) in full song was in profile against an azure sky, making for a perfect snapshot. Read more

A White and Grey Rabbit in Toronto’s Milliken Park

A White and Grey Rabbit in Toronto’s Milliken Park

White and grey rabbit - looks at me - Milliken Park - Toronto - Ontario

On a recent walkabout in Milliken Park, in Toronto,  Bob and I were surprised to see, hopping about the lawns and gardens, an unusual looking rabbit.  Unlike our common Cottontail Rabbit, this rabbit was white with a smokey grey snout and a grey wash on its hind quarters.  Could it be that someone’s pet escaped and is now making the park its home?  Or is it possible that someone released their pet for no longer wanting to care for it? Read more

Wild Vicuna At The National Reserve Of Pampas Galeras, Peru

icuna in a meadow at the National Reserve of Pampas Galeras in Peru, South America.

Vicuna in the National Reserve of Pampas Galeras in Peru, South America.

In the harsh climate high in the mountain meadows of the National Reserve of Pampas Galeras in Peru live the rarely-seen Vicuna.  In 1974, the Vicuna were declared an endangered species; at that time, only 6,000 of these animals were left alive in Peru.   Today, with the aid of organizations like World Wildlife Fund, the population of Vicuna has recovered to about 350,000.  Even with that supposed high number of these animals, it is still very difficult to actually catch a glimpse of one in the wilds of Peru. Read more

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