Our Climb Up Huayna Picchu At Machu Picchu

An image of Bob and Jean standing above Machu Picchu in Urubamba Province, Peru.

 View of Huayna Picchu mountain at Machu Picchu, in Urubamba Province, Peru.

Over a quick breakfast in Agua Calientes, Bob and I debated whether or not to actually tackle climbing up Huayna Picchu Mountain, which sits overlooking Machu Picchu.  The hiking trail up this mountain follows another ancient Inca path with an ascent up steep stony pathways, through tunnels, and along sheer cliff edges that offer no protection for hikers.  We both decided that it would be an exhilarating and challenging trek, but I was unsure if I would have the courage.  I have to tell you that I am very afraid of heights. Read more

Hiking the Inca Trail – Our Adventure of a Lifetime

Upper terrace at the Wiñay Wayna ruins on the Inca Trail in Peru, South America

Jean hiking with a group on the the Inca Trail in Peru, South America

When it was finally time to set foot on the Inca Trail, we were guided by an authorized trail guide and accompanied by two other hikers, guides in training.  Our adventure would be a one-day hike along the time-worn Inca Trail, headed for Machu Picchu.  Our excitement was palpable.

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The Mummies of Chauchilla Cemetery near Nazca, Peru

Human Mummified body and skulls and bones at the Chauchilla Cemetery in Peru, South America

Chauchilla Cemetery south of the city of Nazca in Peru, South America.

The Mummies of Chauchilla Cemetery in Peru, are the mummified bodies of ancient pre-hispanic Nazca people.   As we soon learned on our tour, their bodies have been preserved because of the dry climate of the Nazca valley.  Archaeologists have dated these grave sites to somewhere around 1000 AD, and it is believed the burials occurred here over the course of 600 years. Read more

Our Tour Of The Ruins of Pachacamac

Walkway alongside the Temple of Pachacamac ruins south of Lima in Peru, South America

Temple of Pachacamac ruins south of Lima in Peru, South America

Early on our second morning in Lima, Bob and I hired a driver to take us southeast of Lima to the Ruins of Pachacamac.  These ruins are some of the oldest pyramids uncovered from beneath the desert hills and dunes of Peru. To the casual eye, the 500 acres of this national museum and archaeological site just appear as a monotone conglomeration of crumbling adobe bricks.  Read more

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