Moose cow and calf along the Mizzy Lake Trail

photograph of a moose in a swamp in the summer in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario.

moose in algonquin park swamp, mizzy lake trail

Bob and I cannot get enough of exploring the wilderness in Algonquin Provincial Park here in Ontario.  It was while hiking the Mizzy Lake Trail that we came upon a Moose cow and her calf standing in the muddy water at one end of a lake. Read more

Cow Moose and calf nibbling on tender shoots in Algonquin Provincial Park

moose calf - in algonquin provincial park - ontario 2

On a visit to Oxtongue Lake, Bob and I were keen to spot some wildlife, and we were not disappointed.  On a drive into Algonquin Provincial Park, a few kilometres just inside the West Gate, Bob picked out a cow and calf in the ditch where they were nibbling on tender shoots and having a drink of water. Read more