A Tour of New Zealand’s Only White Heron Sanctuary

a white heron, waitangiroto nature reserve, south island, new zealand

An opportunity to visit the only nesting site of White Herons in New Zealand could not be missed when traveling on the South Island near Whataroa.  A day in advance, we booked ourselves on a tour that would take us to the heart of the Waitangiroto Nature Reserve to observe these elegant birds. Read more

Tri-colored Heron in the mangrove swamp at San Blas

tri-colored heron, mangrove swamp, san blas, mexico, pic 7

It is safe to say that Bob and I probably failed to get an exact count of all the different birds that we managed to see in San Blas, Mexico, but at least we were able to make positive identification of those species that crossed our paths, birds such as this Tri-coloured Heron. Read more

Yellow-crowned Night Heron Deep In The San Blas Swamp

Yellow-crowned Night Heron, mangrove swamp, san blas, nayarit, mexico, pic 19

When Bob and I visited San Blas on the Pacific coast of Mexico, our objective was to see some of the endemic bird species as well as others that winter in that southern locale.  We had seen a juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron in our hometown of Toronto a couple of years earlier.  As we cruised through the mangrove jungle on our guided tour, closeup views of these rather elegant birds were fairly frequent. Read more

A Great Blue Heron plays to the camera at Milliken Park

great blue heron, milliken park, toronto, ontario, pic 12

Patience is a virtue, and often when Bob and I are birdwatching, time is of the essence so patience goes out the window.  On one “quick” visit to Milliken Park in Toronto, to check the progress of the recently-hatched Trumpeter Swan cygnets, what actually stole my attention was this Great Blue Heron.  Bob left me to my stakeout while he enjoyed the company of the 2-week old cygnets. Read more

A Black-Crowned Night Heron at Tommy Thompson Park

photograph of a black-crowned night heron sitting on a tree at Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto, Ontario

A Black-crowned night heron at Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto is recognized worldwide as a significant habitat for breeding waterbirds, and during the summer months, when fewer songbirds make the Leslie Street Spit their home, birdwatchers will still be rewarded with glimpses into the lives of the colonial species, one of which includes the Black-crowned Night Heron. Read more

A Great Blue Heron along Algonquin Park’s Mizzy Lake Trail

A Great Blue Heron along Algonquin Park’s Mizzy Lake Trail

great blue heron along mizzy lake trail - algonquin park - ontario pic 2

Because Mizzy Lake Trail in Algonquin Park, in Ontario, visits so many small lakes and ponds, there are ample opportunities along its length to spot wildlife including a variety of waterfowl.  One such bird to catch our eye was a Great Blue Heron that was skulking along the edge of a wetland adjacent to the old railway bed upon which a section of the trail is built. Read more

Yellow-Crowned Night Heron At Colonel Samuel Smith Park

Yellow-Crowned Night Heron At Colonel Samuel Smith Park

yellow crowned night heron - juvenile - col sam smith park - etobicoke pic 7

For weeks, Bob and I had been hearing about a Yellow-crowned Night Heron  making a stay at Colonel Samuel Smith Park on Toronto’s lakeshore.  When finally we had a chance to pop down there for a look, it was quite late in the afternoon so we did not hold out much hope of seeing it since other people had been numerous times without success.  Lo and behold, after we circled the main pond on an obscure trail through the woodlot, we came out to a clearing and found the Night Heron perched nonchalantly on a rock. Read more

Osprey return to their nest at Youngs Point

Osprey return to their nest at Youngs Point

Two Osprey in their nest at Young's Point - Ontario - Canada

In the spring of 2013, the Osprey had been sighted at Youngs Point, on the Trent-Severn Waterway at Lock 27, a small village just north of Peterborough, Ontario.  They had returned to their nesting grounds for the season.  On a trip up that way, Bob photographed and filmed the pair perched on their nest. Read more