Northern Flicker Flashes Some Yellow

Image of a Northern flicker in flight near Algonquin Park, Ontario

Bob and I were surprised when we visited my mom’s place at Oxtongue Lake, Ontario, in late April to see so many Northern Flickers, or Yellow-shafted Flickers as they are also known.  On the first day alone, we saw no less than eight of these birds, six at one time in a leafless deciduous tree.  Read more

Northern Flicker Hunts For Grubs At Oxtongue Lake

northern flicker - sits atop tree stump - oxtongue lake - ontario

For my mom and dad, seeing a Northern Flicker is a fairly common occurrence at Oxtongue Lake, in Ontario, Canada.  The birds frequent their backyard and beach property because both locations have sandy soil with a good supply of ants.  When Bob and I visited in mid-May one spring, I was lucky enough to see a female flicker industriously trying to find some grubs in an old tree stump. Read more

Northern Flickers in Whitby’s Thickson’s Woods

Northern Flicker on a tree in Thicksons Woods in Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Bob and I were on one of our regular visits to Thickson’s Woods Nature Reserve, in Whitby, Ontario, to check out the development of the Great Horned Owl babies.  As we turned to leave, Bob noticed a large woodpecker zipping through the tree tops.  A Northern Flicker landed near the top of a snag. Read more