Hepatic Tanager At El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Reserve

photograph of a female Hepatic Tanager at El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Preserve in eastern Michoacán state in central Mexico.

Hepatic Tanager -male- on rope fence at El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Reserve, in Michoacán, Mexico

As Bob and I climbed the mountain at El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Reserve in Mexico, we were on the alert for any new bird species living in that forest habitat.  It wasn’t until we returned to the visitor centre back at the trailhead that we were treated to a sighting of Hepatic Tanagers. Read more

Scarlet Tanagers at Ashbridge’s Bay Park In Toronto

Scarlet Tanager, ashbridges bay park, toronto

After hearing about the scores of different bird species being seen at Ashbridge’s Bay Park in Toronto, Ontario one spring, Bob and I made it our mission to be up and out early one Sunday in mid-May in order to check out the lakeside park where hundreds of birds rest after crossing Lake Ontario.  It was not until lunchtime, however, that we unexpectedly came upon two Scarlet Tanagers adjacent to the park’s restaurant parking lot. Read more

Western Tanager Along The North Rim Of The Grand Canyon

western tanager, holds a seed in peck, north rim, grand canyon, arizona

Western Tanager Along The North Rim Of The Grand Canyon

About mid-morning one day, as we traveled along the South Rim of the    Grand Canyon National Park,    Bob and I decided to take a drive over to the North Rim since a couple of highly touted unique features, one being Angel’s Window, are situated on that side of the sprawling gorge.  Our progress took longer than expected because of frequent stops to admire the scenery.  Finally at our destination, we hastened to take in the views, but were brought up short by the unexpected sighting of a Western Tanager at Cape Royal. Read more