Yellow Warbler At Oshawa’s Second Marsh

Yellow Warbler male looks right - Second Marsh - Oshawa - Ontario

The trees at Second Marsh Wildlife Area were bubbling with melodious birdsong when Bob and I visited there one spring, and when we caught a flicker of yellow in the top of a brightly lit tree, our eyes honed in on a Yellow Warbler (Setophaga petechia).  The little male has the trademark chestnut streaking that help make these birds recognizable, and it pleased us that the warbler was singing his song. Read more

Eastern Towhee At Forks Of The Credit Provincial Park

eastern towhee stares ahead - trans canada trail - forks of the credit - caledon - ontario

Bob and I get very excited when it comes to checking out new potential birdwatching locations.  Numerous reports about sightings at Forks of the Credit Provincial Park had us headed that way in early June to see what we might see.  Among the many birds spotted that day was a colourful Eastern Towhee. Read more

A Black-billed Cuckoo at Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

A Black-billed Cuckoo at Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

black billed cuckoo - gives us a look from tree - forks of the credit provincial park - ontario

On a warm, sunny June morning, Bob and I set off to explore Forks of the Credit Provincial Park near Caledon, Ontario.  We had never visited that park before, but it seemed a likely destination for us given the bird sightings reported there over the previous few days.  We were excited to see what species we might discover.  As we followed the movements of an Eastern Towhee,  lo and behold, we caught sight of another bird in the same tree:  a Black-billed Cuckoo. Read more

Northern Flicker Hunts For Grubs At Oxtongue Lake

northern flicker - sits atop tree stump - oxtongue lake - ontario

For my mom and dad, seeing a Northern Flicker is a fairly common occurrence at Oxtongue Lake, in Ontario, Canada.  The birds frequent their backyard and beach property because both locations have sandy soil with a good supply of ants.  When Bob and I visited in mid-May one spring, I was lucky enough to see a female flicker industriously trying to find some grubs in an old tree stump. Read more

Bobolink Whistles A Tune At Forks of the Credit in Ontario

Bobolink - looks forward atop green tree - forks of the credit provincial park - ontario

Bobolink - sings out - kettle trail - forks of the credit provincial park - ontario

On an outing to Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, Bob and I were winding down our day after having spent several hours on the beautiful trails there.  As we strode across Kettle Trail to regain the Trans Canada Trail and then the parking lot, an unfamiliar sound met our ears.  We soon spotted the source in a treetop not far away.  A bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) in full song was in profile against an azure sky, making for a perfect snapshot. Read more

A Gray-cheeked Thrush Hides In Our Toronto Lilac Bush

A Gray-cheeked Thrush Hides In Our Toronto Lilac Bush

gray-cheeked thrush, toronto, ontario, canada

On spring, as I went about cleaning up the dishes after breakfast, out of the corner of my eye I saw a blur fly past the patio door and make a sharp veer to the left.  I was grateful that the bird hadn’t been fooled into flying into the window’s reflection.  I was keen to locate it in my backyard and thrilled when the bird turned out to be a Gray-cheeked Thrush.  Read more

Nashville Warbler Enjoys The Blossoms

nashville warbler - stands among pink apple blossom with tongue - toronto - ontario

One of my favorite backyard features is the flowering crab apple tree outside our bedroom window.  It reminds me fondly of the wild cherry tree that bloomed next to my bedroom window when I was a child growing up at Oxtongue Lake.  Bob and I scrutinize this apple tree for avian visitors every time we pass by the window.  A pleasant surprise greeted us late one afternoon when a Nashville Warbler (Oreothlypis ruficapilla) sat nestled in amongst the pink flower buds. Read more

The Sad Fate of Two Magnolia Warblers at Oxtongue Lake

The Sad Fate of Two Magnolia Warblers at Oxtongue Lake

magnolia warbler - male - recovering after hitting window at - oxtongue lake - ontario

Towards the end of May one spring, Bob and I were visiting my parents at Oxtongue Lake, in Ontario, and, as usual, we kept a keen eye on the trees for any visiting migratory or local nesting birds.  As on one other occasion earlier in the spring, mass confusion was inspired when a Merlin Falcon erupted out of the pine trees alongside my dad’s driveway and spooked a number of the songbirds.  This time, we were very saddened to see that a pair of Magnolia Warblers (Setophaga magnolia) had crashed into the windows of the sunroom. Read more

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