White-tailed Deer In The Wild At Lynde Shores


White-tailed Deer In The Wild At Lynde Shores

two deer along pathway at lynde shores - whitby

In mid-March of 2014, Bob and I took a drive out to Thickson’s Woods in Oshawa to look for the Great Horned Owls reported to have been seen in the tall pines there.  On our way home, we took a slow drive along Hall’s Road South, which borders the Cranberry West Tract of Lynde Shores Conservation Area in Whitby.  There, we espied a small herd of White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) lingering in the warm sunshine. Read more

An Opossum visits my Toronto backyard

opossum heads towards garden - toronto 1

opossum in toronto backyard - 6

On one of the first really warm March days of the season, Bob and I enjoyed a walk to our local park.  We were thrilled to see an Opossum scouting around for some food there amid the snowdrifts, and it reminded us of the three that had visited our own backyard in late December.  We had seen no sign of them since then.  We were no sooner home from the park when a little visitor came calling…a very large Opossum (Didelphimorphia). Read more

An Opossum Enjoys A Sunny Winter Day

possum sitting under a tree - toronto park

Finally getting a break in the frigid winter weather, Bob and I seized the opportunity for a walk in the brilliant March sunshine at Milliken Park, in Toronto, Ontario.  It seems we were not the only ones taking advantage of the warmer temperatures.  An Opossum was out strolling  atop the deep snow, on the search for something to eat. Read more

A Cooper’s hawk after a wet night in Comox


A Cooper’s hawk after a wet night in Comox

coopers hawk - comox - bc - 1

On our morning outing to Comox from Bowser, British Columbia, Bob and I stopped at the edge of the Salish Sea.  Nothing much was stirring in the Sound, so we walked into an adjacent brushy area and came upon a very wet Cooper’s Hawk. Read more

Beaver Sighting At Arrowhead Provincial Park

beaver looks towards camera in frozen lake - arrowhead provincial park - ontario

On a winter trip to the Huntsville area, Bob and I decided to check out the ski trails at Arrowhead Provincial Park.  Despite having grown up in the vicinity, I had never visited that Park before, always opting instead to go to Algonquin Provincial Park since it was closer to home.  What a delight to find a beaver just off to the side of the groomed ski trail. Read more

California Sea Lions At Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island

An image of California Sea Lions rest in the sun on a float platform in Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island. Photography by Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean.

An image of a group of California Sea Lions on floats at Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Photography by Frame To Frame - Bob and Jean

After arriving in Bowser the previous evening, Bob and I were eager to greet the first day of our stay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We were thrilled that Bob’s sister Claire, and husband Martin planned to take us snowshoeing on Mount Washington, which required a drive along the coast through Fanny Bay.  That is where Martin urged us to pull over so we could see the huge colony of California Sea Lions that had congregated there. Read more

Bighorn Sheep On Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon

bighorn sheep grand canyon 7

Bighorn sheep along Bright Angel Trail at Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, U.S.A.

Bob and I were well on our way back up to the South Rim from Plateau Point at    Grand Canyon National Park    after a grueling 12-hours of hiking, so with our noses to the grindstone, we just focused on putting one foot in front of the other to make headway.  That is why neither one of us saw the Bighorn Sheep surveying its surroundings from a ledge above the trail, just below Mile-and-a Half Resthouse.   If not for other hikers mentioning sight of the animal, we would have completed our hike in total ignorance of its presence. Read more

Northern Sagebrush Lizard At The Grand Canyon

Northern Sagebrush Lizard north rim grand canyon 5

It was very late in the afternoon when Bob and I landed at Cape Royal, one of the lookout points on the North Rim of     Grand Canyon National Park  .     Despite our rush to see the spectacular views before sunset, we took time to observe this little Northern Sagebrush Lizard seen scampering amongst the rocks right at the lip of the Canyon. Read more

Yellow-backed Spiny Lizard at the Grand Canyon

yellow-backed spiny lizard at the grand canyon

As Bob and I neared Indian Garden along Bright Angel Trail at    Grand Canyon National Park,    we kept a keen eye for birds and animals along the way.  I was conscientiously watching for snakes and so tended to scrutinize the trail in front of me to avoid stepping on one, in particular any Grand Canyon Rattlesnakes that might be sunning themselves.  It was Bob who spied this Yellow-backed Spiny Lizard where it originally sat hunched on the small branch of a Catclaw Acacia.  Read more

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