Painted Turtles Near Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

painted turtle - sits in pond near forks of the credit - ontario

On a beautiful sunny day, Bob and I decided to head to the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park in search of birds that are uncommon in our own part of the province.  As we approached Forks of the Credit Provincial Park near Caledon, along a quiet country road called McLaren Road, a vibrant green sludge drew our eyes to a pond at the side of the highway.  When we spotted a turtle poking its head up through the surface of the water, we had to pull over for a look.  The reptile turned out to be an Eastern Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta). Read more

A Green Frog On The Green River In Ontario

A Green Frog On The Green River In Ontario

green frog. seaton trail. green river. whitevale, ontario

Recently, Bob and I took the opportunity of a break in the rain for a hike along the Seaton Hiking Trail, near Whitevale, Ontario.  How apt that we spotted a Green Frog (Lithobates clamitans) resting at the side of the swiftly moving water on a damp rock.  Now, you are probably thinking, “aren’t all frogs green?”, but the Green Frog is one of Ontario’s 13 recognized frog species. Read more

Various Types of Turtles We Have Sighted Across Ontario

two red-eared slider turtles -  milliken park - toronto - ontario - canada

various types of turtles - milliken park - toronto - ontario

As Bob and I so often do, we walked to Toronto’s Milliken Park one afternoon in early spring.  It was an unusually hot day which explained the assembly of turtles basking in the sun at the side of the park’s largest pond.  I couldn’t help think of the adage, “get your ducks all in a row” because there were the turtles, all lined up in order.  They certainly occupied  every inch of available space on that log. Read more

A White and Grey Rabbit in Toronto’s Milliken Park

A White and Grey Rabbit in Toronto’s Milliken Park

White and grey rabbit - looks at me - Milliken Park - Toronto - Ontario

On a recent walkabout in Milliken Park, in Toronto,  Bob and I were surprised to see, hopping about the lawns and gardens, an unusual looking rabbit.  Unlike our common Cottontail Rabbit, this rabbit was white with a smokey grey snout and a grey wash on its hind quarters.  Could it be that someone’s pet escaped and is now making the park its home?  Or is it possible that someone released their pet for no longer wanting to care for it? Read more

Eastern Garter Snakes in Whitby’s Thickson’s Woods

garter snake sits among pine needles and studies me - thicksons woods - whitby

Bob and I went to Thickson’s Woods Nature Reserve, in Whitby, Ontario, one spring, to check on the growth of the Great Horned Owl chicks, but we were treated to wildlife observations of quite a different kind.  As Ontario’s spring weather finally started to include warmer days, it was no surprise to discover a number of Eastern Garter Snakes taking advantage of the warmth where direct sunlight penetrated to the forest floor. Read more

Mountsberg Raptor Centre a world of hawks, owls, and eagles

photograph of Jean holding an Eastern Screech owl at the Mountsberg Raptor Centre, in Campbellville, Ontario, Canada.

Bald Eagle landing at the Mountsberg Raptor Centre

Bob and I do not profess to be expert bird watchers, but when we sighted our first ever owl, a Northern Saw-Whet Owl, a fire was lit within us.  To learn more about raptors in general, we decided to take a drive out to Campbellville, to the Mountsberg Raptor Centre, in Ontario. Read more

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